Black Dragon


Size: 1 man

Flyer: Yes

Faction: Dungeon

Role: Defensive

Hero Bonus: Mephala, Mutare, Dragon Mutare

Awakening: (not yet available)

Altar: Gold

Barracks: Dragon Blood Crystal

Shard LocationsSpecial Altar Events

Skin(s) : 1

Tier List Ranking: A Tier, 15 Overall 

Heros to Pair With:  Dragon Mutare / Mutare


Mission 1: (not yet available)

Mission 2: (not yet available)

Mission 3: (not yet available)

Mission 4: (not yet available)


Dragon Breath (Ultimate)
Type: Trigger

Gear Requirement: White

The Black Dragon deals {} damage to all hostile units in a very large area every 15s, while causing additional damage equal to {2%-4.8%} of Max HP to nearby units and will [Burn] them for 6s.

Black Dragon Scale

Type: Passive

Gear Requirement: Blue

The Black Dragon is immune to [Bleed] and [Burn]. When taking a Crit Hit, restores {5%-12%} of Max HP. CD is 6s.

Magic Immunity

Type: Passive

Gear Requirement: Blue

Immune to spell damage done by all heroes. Increases unit's damage reduction by {3%-10%} and unit's damage by {1.5%-5%} every time <Dragon Breath> is cast throughout the entire battle, up to 4 stacks.

Heat Resistance

Type: Passive

Gear Requirement: Orange

Black Dragon's unit's damage reduction is increased by {10%-24%} and its Defense is increased by {6%-20%}. When fighting against [Burned] units, the damage reduction effect doubles. When Black Dragon is fighting against a Tower Faction unit, its unit's damage is increased by 50%.


Black Dragon, when paired with Dragon Mutare, is probably the best tank in the game, or right up there with Behemoth paired with Kilgore.  Black Dragon with Dragon Mutare does great damage and is almost unkillable.  However when not paired with Dragon Mutare, he just feels OK, and other stand-alone tanks are much better.

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