Crag Hack


Release Date: 

How To Obtain: Underground Ch. 10-13

Faction: Stronghold

Preferred Element: Fire

Recruitment Bonus :

   +12 Hero Attack

   +6 Hero Knowledge

Passive Speciality:  The activated HP of all Stronghold Faction units’ <Rampage> increases from 35% to 60%

Skin(s) : 4


All friendly unit’s Crit Hit increases by 100.

Attack of all Melee units (Offensive, Charging, and Defensive) increases by 20%. Stronghold units gain an additional 10% increased CRIT DMG and 20% increased Attack Speed.

The activated HP of all Stronghold Faction units’ <Rampage> increases from 35% to 60% (still effective with no Heroes on the battlefield).

When fighting against <bleeding> enemy units increase life drain by 20% and can deal 20% additional unit damage.


Way to Kill (Ultimate)

Mana Cost: 47
Time to Recharge: 20 seconds

Increases ATK by 45% and life drain by 20% for all friendly Melee units, lasting for {8s+0.3s/lvl}

Earth Arrow


Mana Cost: 20
Time to Recharge: 15 

Deals {951+516/lvl} earth spell damage to enemy units within a certain range, and [Stuns] them for 3s

Quick Sand


Mana Cost: 34
Time to Recharge: 24 seconds

Summons Quicksand at a specific location and deals damage to all units equal to 2% of their Max HP (double damage for enemy units) every second. Reduces enemy units' damage reduction by {10%+0.3%/lvl} for 8s.



Mana Cost: 23
Time to Recharge: 18 seconds

Increases ATK by {60%+4%/lvl} for friendly units within a large range, lasting for 10s. The duration for 9-man units lasts for an additional 5s.

Recommended Masteries


Fire Magic

Additional Info



Crag Hack starts off as an early game powerhouse who quickly takes a back seat by mid-game to more powerful heroes.  If you are looking to run a Kilgore or Stronghold based team, it is imperative to have Crag Hack leveled to 3 stars.  Crag Hack still remains a viable Duel of Heroes champion.  

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