Size: 1 man

Flyer: No

Faction: Stronghold

Role: Ranged

Hero Bonus: Yog, Gelu

Awakening: Cyclops King (not yet available)

Altar: Silver

Barracks: Dragonsteel

Shard Locations: Guild Map, Guild Archery Game

Skin(s) : 2

Tier List Ranking: A Tier, 18 Overall 

Heros to Pair With: Yog, Kilgore, Any


Mission 1: (not yet available)

Mission 2: (not yet available)

Mission 3: (not yet available)

Mission 4: (not yet available)


Flamestone (Ultimate)
Type: Trigger

Gear Requirement: White

Cyclops throws fire-stones within a large range in front of it, [Burning] the hostile units there and causing {1741} damage every 2s for 8s.

Siege Strike

Type: Passive

Gear Requirement: Blue

Cyclops increase {3%-10%} unit's damage and {3%-10%} attack speed, when HP lower than 35%, Cyclops can get double effect (Health is restored will keep the effect). When the Cyclops is fighting against a 9-man unit, its normal attack deals {40%-54%} AoE damage to 3 hostile Units.


Type: Trigger

Gear Requirement: Purple

The Cyclops has a chance to deal {1741} damage to hostile units within a large range, and will [Stun] them for 3s when under attack.


Type: Passive

Gear Requirement: Orange

Cyclop's HP increased by {20%-76%}. When facing a 9-man unit, unit's damage taken is decreased by {15%-29%}

Raging Cyclops

Type: Passive

Requirement: Pair with Yog

1★: Cyclops upgraded to Raging Cyclops, increasing its Attack Speed by 30% and its Critical Hit by 300.
2★: When Raging Cyclops is on the battlefield, all friendly Ranged units gain 20% increased Magic Resistance, 10% Attack Speed, and 20% CRIT DMG.
3★: Effectiveness of Cyclops' <Earthshaker> skill improves and chance of use is increased. (Global)
4★: Raging Cyclops first <Earthshaker> skill takes effect on all enemy units who can't fly.


Once you have the guild map area open, and you are able to wander around, make sure to collect those Cyclops shards!  Cyclops is an odd unit in that he is more of a tank and controller than a DPS, yet is ranged.   That said, Cyclops can do some decent DPS on his own, and pairs will into any Stronghold lineup, or if you are looking to run 2 lanes, Cyclops can fill right in.  Yog, in his own right is an amazing hero that both F2P and P2W players alike will want to utilize.  

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