Release Date: 

How To Obtain:  Chapter 92 completion

Faction: Castle

Preferred Element: Water

Recruitment Bonus :

   +10 Hero Defense

   +20 Hero Intelligence

Passive Speciality:  Unit damage and unit damage reduction of all friendly Caster units increase by 5%.

Skin(s) : 1


Clone l(Ultimate)

Mana Cost: 46
Time to Recharge: 26 seconds

Makes a copy of allied units to help fight. The copied units inherit 10(+intelligence bonus)% of original ATK, the damage taken is increased by 200% for 30 seconds

Wind Wall


Mana Cost: 27
Time to Recharge: 18 seconds

Summons Quicksand at a specific location and deals damage to all units equal to 2% of their Max HP (double damage for enemy units every second. Reduces enemy units’ damage reduction by 10% for 8 secs (scale with Spell level)


The monk is transformed into an Enchanter. (Prayer) becomes (Advance Prayer). The effect is applied to 2 units at a time, and healing is increased by 10%.


The Archmage turns into an Enchanter. Her (Tornado) affects 2 units at a time. Enemy units in tornado will no longer receive damage reduction.

Unit damage and unit damage reduction of all friendly Caster units increase by 5%. (Still effective with no heroes on the battlefield).

While a Magic Mage is on the allies field, all allied long-ranged units (magic, shooter) are protected from spell damage every 12 seconds. The effect lasts 4 seconds.

Frozen Arrow


Mana Cost: 14
Time to Recharge: 15 

Deals 1467 (+ Intelligence Bonus) fire spell damage to enemy units within a certain range and burns them, lasting 5 secs (scale with Spell level

Lightning Bolt


Mana Cost: 35
Time to Recharge: 18 seconds

 Increase ATK by 50% and Life Drain by 30% for friendly units within a large range, lasting 8.3 secs (scale with Spell level).

Recommended Masteries


Water Magic

Additional Info



Dracon is a very intriguing F2P option, who is not yet available.  Dracon may very well overtake other heroes as the best F2P option in the game.  More to come once he is obtainable.

No Lore quests yet!

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