Size: 4 man

Flyer: No

Faction: Tower

Role: Caster

Hero Bonus: Astral

Awakening: Master Genie (not yet available)

Altar: None

Barracks: Dragonsteel

Shard Locations: Special Top-up events, Guild Map Area

Skin(s) : 1

Tier List Ranking: A Tier, 13 Overall 

Heros to Pair With:  Astral / Any


Mission 1: (not yet available)

Mission 2: (not yet available)

Mission 3: (not yet available)

Mission 4: (not yet available)


Spell Gift (Ultimate)
Type: Passive

Gear Requirement: White

When the Genie's attack switches to healing, it restores HP of the friendly unit with the lowest HP by 80% of the Genie's ATK. Genie's healing is increased by {5%-12%}

Three Wishes

Type: Trigger

Gear Requirement: Blue

When a Genie unit is on the battlefield, they will bless 3 random friendly units, granting them 1 of the following effects: {5%-12%} unit's damage reduction, {5%-12%} unit's damage, or {5%-12%} ATK Speed.

Magic Wick

Type: Passive

Gear Requirement: Blue

Genie's HP is increased by {10%-38%}, its magic resistance is increased by {5%-19%}, and its unit's damage reduction is is increased by {3%-10%}.

Magic Awakening

Type: Trigger

Gear Requirement: Orange

When a Genie unit is enhanced by a friendly hero's secondary spell, it restores {5%-19%} of Max HP for the unit with the lowest HP percentage.


Genie is one of the best healing units in the entire game, and Astral really wakes her up when paired with him.  In fact if you do not take out Genie early vs an Astral team, you're probably dead in the water.  Genie can also be utilized in several PVE modes that require a healer, in particular Conflux Plane and Dragon Invasion.

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