Size: 4 man

Flyer: Yes

Faction: Castle

Role: Ranged

Hero Bonus: Sir Mullich, Roland

Awakening: Royal Griffin (not yet available)

Altar: Silver

Barracks: Shadowsteel

Shard LocationsUnderground 1-3, Underground 6-3

Skin(s) : 1

Tier List Ranking: B Tier, 40 Overall


Mission 1: Not yet available

Mission 2: Not yet available

Mission 3: Not yet available

Mission 4: Not yet available


Diving Counterattack(Ultimate)
Type: Trigger

Gear Requirement: White

When Griffins are under attack, they have a chance of dealing {100%-184%} damage to 3 units. (Normal attack also has a chance to trigger Dive).

Command Tower

Type: Aura

Gear Requirement: Blue

When Griffins are on the battlefield, all your flying units' ATK is increased by {10%-24%}, and Attack speed increased by {3%-10%}.

Glorius Charge

Type: Passive
Gear Requirement: Purple

When Griffin units are in [High Morale], they receive 30 movement speed and increased {6%-20%} unit's damage and {60-200} Critical Hit value for 15s.


Type: Passive
Gear Requirement: Orange

Griffin's HP is increased by {30%-100%}. Grants 10% extra HP for Griffins for every 1 friendly flying unit on the battlefield.


Griffin is a unit who at first glance doesn't seem like he can bring much value, however, he is quite strong in the right team.  Particularly, his only spot he is very useful at the moment is Air Conflux Plane, where he is a must-have.  He may have a place in a Dragon Mutare team that relies on Flying units, but at the moment, that seems to be a sub-par lineup.

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