Release Date: 

How To Obtain: Log-in reward, Duel of Champions rank-up reward.

Faction: Dungeon

Preferred Element: Earth

Recruitment Bonus :

   +15 Hero Defense

   +12 Hero Knowledge

Passive Speciality: All earth spells' damage increase by 15%

Skin(s) : 1


<The Cycle of Life> can deal additional earth spell damage to enemy units equal to 2% of their Max HP every 0.5s, and friendly units can recover an additional 2% of Max HP.

For each <The Cycle of Life> that is cast, the magic resistance of all enemy units will decrease by 12% through the entire battle up to ​5 stacks.

All earth spells' damage increases by 15% (still effective with no heroes on the battlefield).  

For every friendly Caster units on the battlefield, mana recovery rate increases by 9.6 for friendly heroes and decreases by 0.3 for enemy heroes.


The Cycle of Life (Ultimate)

Mana Cost: 47
Time to Recharge: 20 seconds

Deals earth spell damage on enemy units within a large range equal to {200+108/lvl} and 2% of their Max HP every 0.505s, and restores the HP of friendly units equal to the damage dealt.

Earth Arrow


Mana Cost: 18
Time to Recharge: 15 

Deals {951+516/lvl} earth spell damage to enemy units within a certain range, and [Stuns] them for 3s

Meteor Shower


Mana Cost: 31
Time to Recharge: 25 seconds

Summons meteors in the target area, dealing earth spell damage 6 times (adds up to {3192+1736/lvl}) to enemy units and the damage to [Stunned] targets doubles.



Mana Cost: 36
Time to Recharge: 28 seconds

[Petrifies] targeted units for {4s+0.1s/lvl}, simultaneously dealing them {1097+595/lvl} earth damage.

Recommended Masteries


Earth Magic



Additional Info

Jeddite is a very powerful F2P hero that has several uses in PVP and PVE alike.  If you are a F2P player, Jeddite is definitely a hero you will want to focus on. 

No Lore Quests yet!

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