Release Date: 

How To Obtain:  Stronghold week Top-up event

Faction: Stronghold

Preferred Element: Water

Recruitment Bonus :

   +14 Hero Attack

   +8 Hero Knowledge

Passive Speciality:  When the HP of War Behemoth or Ancient Behemoth drops to 0 for the first time in this battle, grants invincible to all friendly stronghold units for 5s. Healing efficiency when invincible reduces by 80%.

Skin(s) : 1


The Behemoth upgrades to a Monster Behemoth, and becomes immune to almost all controls and debuffs (including bleed, burn. disease, petrification, freeze, slow, stun, low morale, silence, blind, plague and <Time Stop>.

All Stronghold units gain attribute bonus as their hp drops. War Behemoth gains extra attribute bonus and its <infuriate> inflicts extra effects.

The activated HP of all Stronghold Faction units’ <Rampage> increases from 35% to 60% (still effective with no Heroes on the battlefield).

 Increases the duration of Unyielding Faith by 3s, doubles its effect and reduces its mana cost by 40%. Stronghold units gain 300 increased critical hit and 10% unit damage when Unyielding Will is active. Stronghold units cannot die within the first 5s after Unyielding Will is used.


Unyielding Will(Ultimate)

Mana Cost: 35
Time to Recharge: 30 seconds

Increases all friendly units' Tenacity by 50 and their CRIT DMG by 10%. Friendly Stronghold units restore {3000} HP every 3s for {9s}.

Fire Arrow


Mana Cost: 18
Time to Recharge: 15 

Deals {951+516/lvl} fire spell damage on enemy units in a certain area and [Burns] them, lasting for 5s

Quick Sand


Mana Cost: 30
Time to Recharge: 24 seconds

Summons Quicksand at a specific location and deals damage to all units equal to 2% of their Max HP (double damage for enemy units) every second. Reduces enemy units' damage reduction by {10%+0.3%/lvl} for 8s.



Mana Cost: 18
Time to Recharge: 20 seconds

Increases ATK by {60%+4%/lvl} for friendly units within a large range, lasting for 10s. The duration for 9-man units lasts for an additional 5s.

Recommended Masteries


Water Magic



Additional Info

Kilgore is currently one of the best PVP heroes in the game, and a staple in Battle of Gods.  Kilgore has limited PVE use, however, he is viable in some Conflux plane stages.

No Lore quests yet!

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