Size: 9 man

Flyer: No

Faction: Castle

Role: Ranged

Hero Bonus: Gelu, Roland

Awakening: (not yet available)

Altar: Silver

Barracks: Starsilver

Shard LocationsUnderground 2-1, Underground 16-3

Skin(s) : 1

Tier List Ranking: B Tier, 42 Overall


Mission 1: Not yet available

Mission 2: Not yet available

Mission 3: Not yet available

Mission 4: Not yet available


Exploding Arrow (Ultimate)
Type: Trigger

Gear Requirement: White

Marksman units deal {675%-?%} damage to their target.


Type: Passive
Gear Requirement: Blue

Increases Marksman's ATK by {15%-36%}. The effect doubles if in [High Morale]

Double Strike
Type: Trigger
Gear Requirement: Purple

Marksman has a {10%-24%} chance to shoot 2 arrows when using a normal attack. The 2nd arrow causes {50%-92%} damage to the target. When fighting against [Slow] targets, the trigger chance of <Double Strike> is increased to 100%.

Dragon Slayer
Type: Passive
Gear Requirement: Orange

When facing a 1-man or 4-man units, marksmen's critical hit is increased by {150-570}.


Type: Passive
Requirement: Pair with Gelu

2★: Marksmen upgrade to Sharpshooters. <Double Strike> upgrades to <Expert Double Strike>. Attack and HP both increase by 20% and attack range increases by 200. (<Expert Double Strike> increase number of arrows to 3)


Marksmen is a very powerful attacker who suffers greatly from 9 man Syndrome.  Even though Marksmen has the ability to do a massive amount of DPS, he is quite squishy.  None the less, Marksmen has some usefulness in PVE, particularly in Steadwick (especially when paired with Gelu), and Conflux plane

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