Size: 4 man

Flyer: No

Faction: Necropolis

Role: Defensive

Hero Bonus: Mephala, Sandro

Awakening: (not yet available)

Altar: (not yet available)

Barracks: Dragonsteel

Shard LocationsTop-Up Events

Skin(s) : 1

Tier List Ranking: A Tier, 11 Overall 

Heros to Pair With: Sandro / Any


Mission 1: (not yet available)

Mission 2: (not yet available)

Mission 3: (not yet available)

Mission 4: (not yet available)


Decaying Curse (Ultimate)
Type: Trigger

Gear Requirement: White

Within a certain range, Mummy deals {} damage to surrounding hostile units every 20s, and makes them suffer from [Disease] for 12s.

Source of Disease

Type: Passive

Gear Requirement: Purple

Mummy is immune to [Disease]. Mummy's damage reduction is increased by {6%-20%}. When Mummy is on the battlefield, all healing effects received by enemy units are reduced by {10%-38%}.


Type: Trigger

Gear Requirement: Blue

When <Decaying Curse> is cast, restores HP equal to {5%-12%} of your Max HP, increases unit's damage reduction by {10%-24%} for 10s.

God of Plague

Type: Passive

Gear Requirement: Orange

Mummy's DEF increased by {15%-57%}. If the enemy attacking the Mummy is suffering from [Disease], the effect doubles.


Mummy is a powerful tank and a unique unit due to his passive Source of Disease.  While his kit pairs best with a Sandro team, you can bring Mummy into any lineup when you are up against heavy healing.

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