Pit Fiend


Size: 4 man

Flyer: No

Faction: Inferno

Role: Attacker

Hero Bonus: Kendal

Awakening: Pit Lord (not yet available)

Altar: Gold

Barracks: Dragonsteel

Shard Locations: Underground 10-5, Guild Archery Game

Skin(s) : 2

Tier List Ranking: A Tier, 20 Overall 

Heros to Pair With: Any


Mission 1: (not yet available)

Mission 2: (not yet available)

Mission 3: (not yet available)

Mission 4: (not yet available)


Fire Spring (Ultimate)
Type: Trigger

Gear Requirement: White

Pit Fiend units cast 1 Fire Spring in their path, restoring HP equal to {4%-8.2%} of Max HP of friendly units in a large area in front of them every 2s for 8s.

Lord's Summon

Type: Trigger

Gear Requirement: Blue

When a Pit Fiend unit is on the battlefield, it summons 4 Demons to fight. Demons have {350} ATK and {8000} HP, 700 DEF and 500 Crit Hit Value, and exist throughout the entire battle.


Type: Passive

Gear Requirement: Purple

Pit Fiend's <Fire Spring> increases healing by {30%-100%}. <Fire Spring>'s healing will be increased by 5% for every 1 Inferno unit deployed.

Lord's Will

Type: Aura

Gear Requirement: Orange

When Pit Fiends go into battle, your SUMMONED Imps, Demons, and Fire Elementals health and attack are both increased by {15%-43%}.


Pit Fiend is everyone's favorite nearly NSFW unit.  Truly a Hybrid, even though Pit Fiend is an "offensive" type, she also has the ability to tank and is a healer.  Pit Fiend can plug into any team, especially when utilizing the other big 3 inferno units Efreeti and Demon.  Once you have underground 10-5 unlocked, you should immediately begin farming her F2P and P2W alike.  Side Note: Lord's Will text is not correct in-game, this affects SUMMONED units only.

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