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AMAZING Database Resource by EmTeeEm

Hey everyone , if you already in my discord you probably noticed I sent out a message directing everyone to this amazing spreadsheet created by EmTeeEm (On Reddit) and M.T.M.#9296 (On Discord).

He's created an amazing spreadsheet with all Heroes and their talents, lore, units, awakenings , its just phenomenal! He gave me permission to put this up for you guys, and I would highly suggest checking it out, I feel like this will be a go-to-tool for pretty much everyone. You can view his spread sheet from the link below, or if you click on "Game Resources" I've added a direct link to the drop down menu.

Thanks again EmTeeEm for allowing me to share, and great job once again!

If anyone knows of any guides or tools, or has created one already and would like me to post it, please let me know.


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