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Are any of the new events worth it? Reviewing all events and doing some maths!

So guys, today we got BOMBARDED with offer after offer....but are any of them good? Why the cash grab as well.....?

  • Firstly we have 2 behemoth alters, one for recruitment and the other for awakening. Now awakened behemoth seems great, especially for the stat increases.

BUT is he worth investing into with out a Kilgore? I would answer flat out no. Unless you are a kraken or just have money to throw around, I would pass UNLESS you are running a Kilgore team.

The game feels more and more like you are going to have to pick a faction and run with it , as more and more faction leaders are being released. As time goes on, we are going to have to pick and choose are investments. Personally I am saving up my Diamonds for the next Meta.

  • Next the $99.99 offer. (yes I know the pic shows a different currency but its all I could find for a picture).

This actually is a very good offer comparatively to other offers in the game. I've been needing Earth Elemental Shards quite badly so I decided to pick this one up. Beholder is NOT unfortunately in the SR + prize pack here yet, so keep that in mind if you decide to buy it.

  • Single Purchase Top up

Well, I suppose this depends on how good beholder ends up being. I personally decided to do the $50.00 top up so I can test him out and see if I went to invest further. $99.99 for Kilgore aligns with past offers for faction leaders, and 180 shards for Manticore or Beholder for $99.99 is a little bit better than past offers ( the lich comes to mind ). All of these offers here are medicore as there is no special value. Top up to obtain these units only if you require them.

  • Finally we have the mining labor day offers. (even though Labor day isn't until Sept. in US, I hear May 1st is CN Labor day).

I feel if you NEED an SSR badly for one of your teams, this may quite good (MATH AT THE BOTTOM). You will get 250 SSR Shards, as well as 1 piece of Dragon Father, 2 Pieces of either Titans / Hawkeye, and 1 Piece for the bow of the Sharpshooter. In the actual mining it self, you will acquire the occasional Heaven-Cast stone, ( but not many ) , a fairly high amount of Shadow Steal, and a some Dragonsteel, plus the purchasable items from the temporary store which includes some universal shards , astral shards, gold keys etc.

Personally I decided to only go up as far as the Dragon father armor as I only need 1 more piece to 4 star mine, and needed the other artifact pieces as well.

Now how much will you have to invest to get 250 SSR shards, plus the other goodies, vs 250 shards in an alter? Here comes the fun math part.

You will gain 13 mine picks per day if you do all of the mini quests. You will have to purchase ALL offers in order to unlock the final chest. This $ amount comes to $254.93. You will also get 16,610 diamonds from your purchases. So when you think about it, the mining it self becomes greatly reduced in price, almost free.

It will take 2700 per 10x pull averaging about 12 SSR shards per 10x pull. 7,648 Diamonds in the top up store is valued at $99.99. 250 shards / 12 equals 20.83 required pulls, so lets round to 21. 21x2700 = 56,700 diamonds. 56,700 / 7648 = 7.413. So this value is $741.29 to acquire 250 shards typically for an SSR. This is NOT including the 45 bonus shards you will get for maxing out an alter. An alter is max'd at 1700 points. A 10 pull is 100 points, so you need to do a minimum of 17 pulls in order to unlock these 45 bonus shards. This only comes into play if you do all of these alter pulls at once up to the 1700 points. If that is the case, you can take away ~$99.99 from the total cost.

That being said, the mining event value is a significant savings. Not only will you gain various artifacts, and barracks resources, but universals, astrals, gold keys etc, and acquire the SSR for almost 1/3rd the price.

  • Final Thoughts

As for the cash grab, I personally I do not care for having so many events at once that cost $ with no overlapping. I've been asked so many times today that "If I buy the mining pack for $99.99 does this count as my single top up for the same price?". The answer is no, and personally I do not like that at all. Over all, the mining event is quite good, but man this is so much stuff at once asking for quite a bit of $...how do you all feel about all of these $ events going on at once? Will you be investing? Let me know on my discord. If you aren't there already click the link above, 800 members is incoming soon, and I am sure in a couple months well cross over 1,000!.

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