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Are the 3 new awakenings any good? Let's take a look!

Updated: May 22, 2020

Hey everyone,

I know I just uploaded my tier list the other day, but it looks like it's going to need some more updates again soon! (You can view on YouTube if you missed it at https://youtu.be/JiLVtcSkeLg)

But we have 3 new unit awakenings that are looking to shake some things up!

First, let's start with the walking dead AKA Zombie.....

1st Tier: Infectious disease is INSANE! (maybe) Here is what the skill does with including either awakening (thanks M.T.M)!

Poison Gas: <Within a certain range, Walking Dead Units deal {} damage to all surrounding hostile units every 2s. Its damage to [Bleeding] targets is increased by 30%.

Now, the skill description reads melee from the picture, if this includes charging units, this will be quite good for Vampire and BK to get an extra bump in damage.

Disease outbreak MAY be decent in the Dragon Invasion, but there are so many issues currently with HP% damage that we will have to wait and see.

2nd tier: is just OK, Super infection may be the superior of the 2, needs testing.

3rd tier: Is also nuts! Barricade of Corpses: Walking Dead's unit's damage reduction increased by {10%-24%}. If the enemy attacking the Walking Dead is in [Low Morale], the effect doubles.

If you are using Sandro, everything is going to have Low Morale anyhow, so your Zombie will be taking hardly any damage between this skill and high ranking talents.

Next, we have the Ogre Awakening into Ogre Mage

Overall, I think Ogre continues to be a great unit, an obvious must-have awakening for any Kilgore teams, but also any team that relies on healing.

1st Tier: Blood Pond reads: The Ogre Unit summons a blood pond to improve life drain for friendly units within a large area by {30%-72%}. The blood pond exists for 15s. So 150% is quite a boost to the life drain amount. Now, which of the 2 awakenings are better? Well, one makes it last longer, and the other makes the range larger. I would suppose it would depend entirely on your formation, and if a larger pool makes it easier to cover multiple units. I would imagine in a melee heavy team Spirit of the Wilderness would edge out Recovery Pond.

2nd Tier: Go Wild Heart, Ogre doesn't do any damage anyway, this is assuming Heartening War Song does not actually mean something like boost the attack damage boost to all units by 200% because that would be busted, and would be worth investing into then.

3rd Tier: Ancient Surge, no question, this is bonkers. Cure Poison: When an Ogre is on the battlefield, healing of all friendly units increased by {15%-57%}. So 150% of that bonus, equals some MASSIVE bonus healing.

Finally, we have Arch-Mage, who's awakened name I have no idea as to what it's called lol.

Another REALLY powerful awakening. Where are the bad ones like Charger? (sorry Charger fans) :)

1st Tier: As long as you don't have to worry about your Arch-Mage dying early in the battle, you will want to take Magic Affinity as Arch-Mage will begin to get massive stacks of damage if the battle is drawn out. Take Magic Mastery if you think she will die early

2nd Tier: Arcane Node will give the entire lane Archmage is in 15% attack speed. If you are running a formation with 3 units or more in the lane, this can be REALLY powerful. Arcane Mark looks good for any Astral / Tower heavy lineups, and it appears as long as they are Tower, they will get the bonus, nevermind the lane. If you are not stacking a lane, and have a heavy Tower unit team, this appears to be the way to go.

3rd Tier: Energy Suppression, as the other skill was ALMOST good. In case you forget what Energy Loss does...When Mage units are on the battlefield, Enemy Hero's spell recovery speed decreased by {0.3-1.0}. When friend hero cast air spell, Mage will recover friend hero 2 mana. So if this affects both the mana loss, and mana gained (I assume its just the mana loss as the other effect does not scale) this would be totally broken. Even so, the mana recovery loss will severely handicap several heroes you go up against. Since Death Toll only affects elementals, unless you are running an Elemental Monere squad (you really shouldn't be) then this is doo doo.

In conclusion, if you are using any of these 3 units, get them awakened ASAP. All 3 are VERY VERY strong. Let me know in my discord, on Facebook, or in the comments below which you will be focusing on first. Which do you think is the strongest? Do you agree with my skill choices, or disagree? Thanks!

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