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Building a Community in Your Guild and Server

Hello, fans of Heroes of Might and Magic! My name is Babies and I play on NA-3. I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about one of my favorite topics in gaming – building a community. You will notice that a lot of the most successful mobile games have deep-rooted communities that include YouTube, Discord, and wikis. A healthy community gives players a sense of belonging that will lead to a deeper commitment and more excitement.

Right now, Era of Chaos is still in its infancy. We are in a phase where the community is being built. We have an official Discord that’s highly active, SkyLynx has a Discord he maintains, and many guilds have their own Discord. We have an ever-increasing number of YouTube personalities and the first major website dedicated to the game now.

Every player can contribute to the community though. Many servers are in a state where the power discrepancy between the lower power guilds and the higher power guilds is growing exponentially. One of the main reasons is these more powerful guilds are the ones who tend to be active in the community, ask questions, reading strategies, and communicate better in their guild. Eventually, this gap can lead to frustrations.

Some little things you can do to help build a community in your server or guild are:

1) Reach out to the leaders of smaller guilds and invite them to the various Discords. Explain that here they can get an understanding of the game that will help increase their power, meet new people, and participate in contests and interactions with the Devs through the AMAs.

2) Say you are in Underground this week with your guild and you outpower the other guilds by a large margin – consider writing these guilds and offering not to attack them if they are in their castles. Often these players are lower VIP and the Underground is a great way for them to acquire some gems. They will appreciate the olive branch and you will have bettered your guild’s reputation and given a rare opportunity to some players.

3) Create friendly competitions in your guild! Our guild has run a competition in the Sphinx Challenge where the person who placed first and second place persons in the guild received a gift card for their device type that they could spend on Era of Chaos. Players were so excited about the event that we saw scores higher than ever seen on the server.

4) Create friendly rivalries. Friendly rivalries give people something to feel invested in. Whether it is a guild versus guild rivalry where if you catch each other in the Underground you can expect a weekend of constant back and forth attacks or just player versus player rivalry where they know you’re going to attack them in Arena every time they can until they finally beat you these give you goals to chase in the game that will make the time, effort, and money you sink into the game feel worthwhile. Keep these rivalries realistic. Do not set your rival as a player who is 500k power below you. Find someone you will have to work to one day beat. Find a guild that is the next guild up in power than yours.

This wound up a little longer than I expected it to be, but we are all here because we are fans of the game. Helping make the experience a good time for your fellow players is only going to reward you with a better gaming experience yourself.

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