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Maximum Chests In Dwarven Treasury Utilizing Sandro!

Hey everyone,

You will notice once you hit level 90 there is now new chest rewards ....so how do we get them? Sandro!

After doing quite a bit of testing , and maximizing my scores, it appears Sandro is now the king of Dwarven Treasury, and has snatch the Title away from Luna / Devil based comps.

So how does this comp work? Well the basics are simple. First we need a 4 star Sandro.

Sandro's 4th ability which is what makes this whole thing work. This ability reads.....

  • For every friendly Necropolis unit on the battlefield, mana recovery rate increases by 0.8. When an enemy unit dies, every living friendly necropolis unit can recover Sandro's mana by 7. When Sandro casts Darkest Hours, every Necropolis unit has a 30% chance to reduce the cool down of Sandro's Skills by 1 second.

So we need to do two things, first is load our team with as many Necro units as possible (6 is the max), and we need one more unit to make this work .... you guessed it..Sprite! The 8th and Final slot can literally be any unit, or actually no unit, as your units will not actually be doing any damage. Here is an example of my comp below. Yes my signature is kinda dumb.

So why sprite? Simply put she boots your maximum mana pool enough so that you can spam Sandro's ult non stop.

Now you may occasionally run into a hickup while attempting these runs, and a good suggestion is to take the prestige bonuses for both starting mana, and mana regen in to your run that you will be using for your sweep average, and there you go! You will only have to do this once.

Once the battle starts, you will use Sandro's ult the second it is off its 5 second starting cool, and literally spam it the second every time Dwarfs spawn. Sprite, paired with the prestige buffs will ensure that your units never actually get to move much, and you instant kill EVERY dwarf as soon as they pop their little heads out. Here is one of my more recent total scores at 4932 dwarfs killed.

Is there anyway to get a higher score? You can try to get your timing down just a little bit better for the SPLIT second they spawn, probably taking the game speed down to 1x if you really want to min / max ... but I personally don't care enough lol, so long as I get max chests.

I hope this guide helps everyone! <3

Yes I will update the tier list of course, but I like to wait until big patches if I can help it.

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