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Many of you may not know me. My name is Top8Gamer and I have played on NA14 since its launch in January. I’ve been collecting some data over the last couple of months pulled from the in-game leaderboards to see if we can see any interesting statistics. I’ve been focusing primarily on the unit leaderboard as I think it is fun to see what units people are investing in. I also try to maintain a tier list and it can be helpful to see how my evaluations of units match up against people's units of choice.

I will link to the full spreadsheet at the end of the article for anyone to go look at for themselves. I will be focusing on stats that I feel are interesting and warrant discussion but it is by no means the only things interesting in the spreadsheet.

It is important to preface the discussion with what the data actually means. The leaderboard takes into account the 10 strongest units in a player’s lineup regardless if they are actively being used or not. But it is safe to assume that if someone has invested in a unit that much for it to be one of their 10 strongest then they use it for at least something. What this means is that even if the top player on your server has 30 awesome units way stronger than other people’s units, they will still only get their 10 strongest units on the leader board. This also means that units people use a lot but are on the weaker power side like an Angel or something won’t show up on the leader board even though you may use it constantly because it is not one of your top 10 strongest units. Now that we know that let’s look at the data from the month of March to the end of April.

Top 5 Most used Units (March) Top 5 Most used Units (April)

  1. Orc - 99% 1. Orc - 99%

  2. Swordsman - 99% 2. Efreeti - 86%

  3. Marksman - 78% 3. Swordsman - 76%

  4. Ogre - 77% 4. Marksman - 69%

  5. Efreeti - 69% 5. Ogre - 69%

No real big surprises here. Castle units are starting to drop off in popularity as they start to underperform in the current content. It’s very hard for units like Marksman and Swordsman to stand up against heroes like Sandro. Marksman would have seen a larger drop if it weren’t for the fact that he is still very useful in some of the PvE content. I imagine we will see Swordsman continue to plummet in the coming months as better defensive units have come out like Minotaur. Orc still reigns supreme as the unit everyone builds simply due to the fact that you can get his shards with silver keys so you always have a plethora of shards to increase his potential. And finally, this month saw the release of Efreeti’s awakening and it is a good one so he has shot up in popularity and rightly so. He was already widely used due to his ease of leveling up and now he will continue to be the championing unit of the F2P or light spending players.

Top 5 Increases in Usage

  1. Pegasus - 1100%

  2. Walking Dead - 500%

  3. Goblin - 150%

  4. Skeleton - 140%

  5. Genie / Bone Dragon - 100%

The big story of the month is the huge increase in the usage of Pegasus. It increased from 3% usage of up to 36%! Now Pegasus got an awakening at the beginning of March but I had already collected the March data after it’s release so people already had time to awaken and build her up if they had wanted to but they didn’t and she still sat at 3% usage. So I can’t write the huge jump off as due to the awakening. And you have to remember the units displayed here are not just units people invest a little in or just awakening haphazardly and then it shows on the leader board. These are the units people invest in heavily and everyone has shifted to investing in Pegasus this last month. I think this is because of the rise of Sandro which is also evident in the increases in usage for the other units on this list being mostly Necropolis. Players are turning to Pegasus to attempt to protect their backline against Sandro's destructive nukes with varying results. I’ll be interested to see next month if this usage keeps up or falls off again. If it falls off I think that’s a good sign that she wasn’t able to help in the Sandro match up. Also, something to take note of is people might be building up Pegasus in preparation for the eventual release of Dragon Mutare.

Top 5 Decreases in Usage

  1. Giant - 75%

  2. Behemoth - 69%

  3. Fire Elemental - 57%

  4. Angel - 50%

  5. Storm Elemental - 50%

This month has been a big turning point between the whales and the light spenders on our server. SSR units have fallen hard in power as they just can’t keep up at the 3 and 4-star level compared to 6 stars high potential easier to level units. They are still seeing the play for sure but they are much weaker compared to the rest of the player’s lineup. Same with the Conflux elementals. They are much harder to stay invested in due to low access to the shards making for lower roster bonuses across the board. Every elemental except Ice elemental saw a considerable drop in power. Ice elemental has a small resurgence due to her niche usefulness in the Conflux planes providing slow for the Fire Conflux and stun for the Chaos Conflux.

Necro jumped up in popularity 3.5% with the release of Sandro and is now sitting at 10.5% of the units being used up from 6.8% in March to no one's surprise. On the flip side, Tower has been largely unaffected with the release of Astral crawling from 1.1% usage up to 1.3%. Time will tell if Astral makes a splash and those numbers go up but prior to Astral hardly any Tower units were making the list so Tower has a much higher mountain to climb to reach the same levels of success Necropolis is having. Conflux saw a big drop of -2.8% due to what I was saying earlier about elementals falling off and Rampart sees a jump of 2.7% all on the back of Pegasus. The 3 big factions are still holding strong with no real movement and Dungeon is failing to crack the list yet with only a single Manticore making the top 1000 units. Will be interesting to see how Dungeon shapes up once people have built up the units more and can bring them to battle but as the server gets older it gets harder and harder to build up new units into fighting condition.

Thank you for reading my article and I hope it was useful. Let me know if there is any data in the game you would find interesting to know about and I’ll see if I can dig in and find it and report back to the community. I will be updating my tier list in the coming weeks and I will be back at the end of May to see how the meta is developing. You can find me on YouTube and Twitch at Top8gamer but I am not putting out much right now. You can message me on the official discord or Skylynx’s discord as Top8.

Link to Full Spreadsheet:


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