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New 10x Event Tomorrow & Doom Tower Reward Info!

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

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1) 10x

Tomorrow Raid will launch a 10x event to summon the following Champions from Ancient, Sacred, Void Shards:

- Bad-el-Kazar

- Hakkorhn Smashlord

- Shirimani

- Warlord

- Vrask

- Masoluem Mage

- Cardinal

- Captain Temila

2) Doom Tower Secret Rooms

The Doom Tower launch is gradually approaching, so here are some details about Secret Rooms:


- There will be 24 different Secret Rooms in the Doom Tower (12 on Normal, 12 on Hard), each with different rules you have to follow to complete them;

- Secret Rooms are completely optional and don't need to be completed to progress and climb the Doom Tower. They'll be unlocked one-by-one as you climb the Tower and clear Floors as normal. Secret Rooms can be completed in any order once unlocked, so you can skip a Room if you need to: if you can't beat SR6 (the 6th Secret Room), but you've already unlocked SR7 while clearing higher Floors, you'll be able to try that out and come back to SR6 later.

- Once unlocked, you'll be able to complete them at any time during that rotation of the Doom Tower - but once the Tower resets, you'll have to climb up the Tower to unlock them again.

- It costs one Silver Key to enter a Secret Room - but just like in the rest of the Tower, you won't actually lose that key if you fail to beat the Secret Room.

- You'll only get Rewards from beating a Secret Room once per Rotation. After you beat the Room, you'll still be able to re-run it as many times as you want (and it won't cost you any Keys), but there will be no subsequent Rewards for farming Secret Rooms. However, it does mean you can test things out and fine-tune your teams for future runs - or even compete with other players to see who can make the best and fastest teams.


Beating Secret Rooms will earn you:

1) Silver Keys - used to farm Miniboss & Final Boss Floors.

2) Exclusive Champion Fragments. Getting these Fragments from Secret Rooms will be the only way to get your hands on a bunch of unique Champions. You won't be able to summon them, and you won't be able to get them through any other means.


Here are the Rules that will be in effect for Secret Rooms for the Doom Tower's first rotation on Normal difficulty.

You will need to use ONLY:

Secret Room 1 - Rare Champions

Secret Room 2 - Bannerlords Faction

Secret Room 3 - ATK Champions

Secret Room 4 - Magic Champions

Secret Room 5 - Epic Champions

Secret Room 6 - Spirit Champions

Secret Room 7 - Skinwalkers Faction

Secret Room 8 - HP Champions

Secret Room 9 - Dwarves Faction

Secret Room 10 - Force Champions

Secret Room 11 - Sacred Order Faction

Secret Room 12 - Void Champions.

Plarium will reveal the Rules for the Tower's first Rotation on Hard Mode later.

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