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Raid Shadow Legends Dark Elves Faction Wars Final Stage 21, 3 Star Guide

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

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Hi all,

I have been completing all of the Faction Wars at an accelerated rate since the kit for the new hero Lydia the Deathsiren was revealed.

If you are looking for additional faction wars guides, see below.



Today we will take a look at the final stage of Dark Elves Faction Wars, the team I used, their builds, and the substitutes you can use for any heroes I have that you do not. Keep in mind this is not the end all be all comp, or suggestions of heroes you can use. Just the ones that worked for me in a very difficult dungeon. (suggested hero replacements included below).

Your general strategy will be to not let the minion waves take a turn. This is done by having multiple AOE characters in stun sets, having turn meter manipulation, and decrease speed in Psylar, as well as buff stripper & freeze with Rae.

On the boss, kill the adds first, and keep them stunlocked the same way you did the ad waves. Widdles boss down and that is it, nothing special!

Note: My goal was to try to invest as LITTLE as possible to win. I did not try to optimize speed or have the ability to auto. My goal at all was to COMPLETE with as little investment as I could get away with.

Video placeholder:

Team List:

Psylar (leader)




Pain Keeper

Photo of my 3-star run.


Books: My Psylar All skills maxed. I'd recommended at a minimum you max her A3 .

Thoughts: Powerhouse, her A3 is amazing, and makes locking down waves cake.

Possible substitutions: Any Darkelf AOE hero in a stun set. HOWEVER her A3 is very powerful, if you have her I strongly recommend using.

Gear / Stats:



Books: My Foli All skills maxed. I'd Recommended to at least max his A2 for this dungeon.

Thoughts: Foli fills a few roles here, damage dealer, armor breaker, and provides life leach, with the most important function being life leach. If you do not have healers, replace him with any Dark elf healers/debuff strippers

Possible substitutions: For healing/debuff removal Captain Temila, Blind Seer, Fang Cleric, or Spirit Host. If you need DPS, Ghostburn, Zavia, Lua, Spider, or Luria.

Gear / Stats:



Books: My Rae has all skills maxed. You do not need to book her for this dungeon however.

Thoughts: Rae fills a unique role here in that she can defense break, and with a stun set, aoe stun, buff stip, and freeze. She will be the hardest to replace.

Possible substitutions: Madame Serris, Psylar

Gear / Stats:



Books: My CH has all skills maxed. You should max her out, rare books aren't....rare!

Thoughts: Coldheart is one of the most replaceable heroes here. She is her strickly for damage and a little turn meter manipulation on the boss, with truth be told was not game-breaking. But since most people already have a decent cold heart, may as well use her right? Mine is in very leftover gear.

Possible substitutions: Any high DPS heroes

Gear / Stats:


Pain Keeper:

Books: My Pain Keeper has all skills maxed. You should max her out, rare books aren't....rare!

Thoughts: I built my Painkeeper a little differently here, as her main function is to provide healing. The cooldown reduction is a nice bonus as well, proving some much wanted utility. I would recommend using her in relentless gear, or reflex.

Possible substitutions: Any Dark Elf Healers

Gear / Stats:


Thanks for reading. I will be continuing to publish articles + video guides with Skinwalkers coming next, as I 3 starred the final stage last night with Dark Elves.

Have a good one, and stay safe!

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