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Raid Shadow Legends Dwarfs Faction Wars Final Stage 21, 3 Star Guide

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Hi all,

I have been completing all of the Faction Wars at an accelerated rate since the kit for the new hero Lydia the Deathsiren was revealed. In fact, I've completed them all now, and will have a fully maxed out good to go Lydia tomorrow when the patch goes live! (full review will be coming).

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Dark Elves



Today we will take a look at the final stage of Dwarf Faction Wars, the team I used, their builds, and the substitutes you can use for any heroes I have that you do not. Keep in mind this is not the end all be all comp, or suggestions of heroes you can use. Just the ones that worked for me in a very difficult dungeon. (suggested hero replacements included below).

My overall strategy was to bring some healing, and increase HP. The boss does nothing special, except his auto-attack cleaves, and IGNORES defense, so stacking defense is completely useless here.

This boss fight isn't bad, but since I did not have any reviver, I had to make sure things went well. I had Tormin do my tanking since he has a built-in 1x revive. Besides that, he's useless on the boss, great on the waves prior.

Note: My goal in faction wars is to try to invest as LITTLE as possible to win. I did not try to optimize speed or have the ability to auto. My goal at all was to COMPLETE with as little investment as I could get away with.

Video coming soon, it will display here:

Team List:

Rearguard Sargeant (leader)


Grizzled Jarl

Avir the Alchemage

Gala Longbraids

Photo showing I have 3 starred all factions now.

Rearguard Sargeant:

Books: My Rearguard has all skills maxed. You will want to at least max her A2, however, I recommend you fully book her as landing her debuffs is important as well.

Thoughts: One of the few Dwarf healers. Her ally protect will be big in stopping your team from getting one shot. Since she is taking more damage than the other dwarfs, I ran her in full Immortal, since she cannot heal herself.

Possible substitutions: Maulie Tankard

Gear / Stats:


Tormin the Cold:

Books: My Tormin is maxed, I use him in 3v3 PVP arena. If you have one, you should max him out too.

Thoughts: Tormin gets an A+ at clearing waves and a B on the boss. If he didn't have the self revive, hed probably get a D (on the boss)

Possible substitutions: Dilgol, Maulie Tankard

Gear / Stats:


Grizzled Jarl:

Books: Only his A2 NEEDS to be maxed, I went ahead and maxed mine out.

Thoughts: If he didn't have a block debuffs team skill, I wouldn't use him, but he does, so I did.

Possible substitutions: None, Dwarfs don't have a cleanser, so this is it. Your other option would be to stack resistance on all characters.

Gear / Stats:


Avir the Alchemage:

Books: Maxed, he's a rare, just max him out.

Thoughts: MVP at the boss.

Possible substitutions: Lack of healers really hurt dwarfs, this guy covers, while also boosting TM, having a poison, and an AOE ATK down.

Gear / Stats:


Gala Longbraids:

Books: Mine is fully booked. You will want her A3 at a minimum fully booked, but you should book her out.

Thoughts: Gala SMASH! High DPS single target nuker

Possible substitutions: Mountain King

Gear / Stats:


Thanks for reading. I will be continuing to publish articles + video guides. There are additional links to other faction wars at the top. I will be posting a full Lydia guide soon as I'll have her unlocked tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Have a good one, and stay safe

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