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Raid Shadow Legends Skin Walkers Faction Wars Final Stage 21, 3 Star Guide

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

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Hi all,

I have been completing all of the Faction Wars at an accelerated rate since the kit for the new hero Lydia the Deathsiren was revealed.

If you are looking for additional faction wars final stage 3 star guides, see below.

Dark Elves

Today we will take a look at the final stage of Skin Walkers Faction Wars, the team I used, their builds, and the substitutes you can use for any heroes I have that you do not. Keep in mind this is not the end all be all comp, or suggestions of heroes you can use. Just the ones that worked for me in a very difficult dungeon. (suggested hero replacements included below).

Your general strategy is to be super tanky! AOE block buffs were key for me with Norog, however, a Basher would work just as well.

This boss fight is long and annoying. When the boss gets low HP, it will life swap one of your heroes. My goal was to let this life swap happen and then burst him down before the ability cooled down again. This boss ability is a long cooldown, I want to say 10 turns if memory serves right.

Note: My goal in faction wars is to try to invest as LITTLE as possible to win. I did not try to optimize speed or have the ability to auto. My goal at all was to COMPLETE with as little investment as I could get away with.

Video coming soon, it will display here:

Team List:

Steelskull (leader)


Hakkorhn Smashlord

Ursine Ironhide


Photo of my 3-star run.


Books: My Steelskulls skills are maxed. I'd recommended at least the A3 is maxed, but if you have the books, you want to max him out.

Thoughts: Good spot heals / Team DEF UP, and has a leader ability for faction wars. Also has poisons for bosses.

Possible substitutions: Hakkorhn Smashlord, Flesh-Tearer

Gear / Stats:



Books: My Norog's skills are maxed. I'd Recommended maxing if you can, he takes very few books, however, he does not need any to work.

Thoughts: A1 Block cooldowns and AOE Block buffs make him a powerhouse. Unique passive that makes team tanky as well.

Possible substitutions: Basher, Khoronar

Gear / Stats:


Hakkorhn Smashlord:

Books: My Rae has 0 books. You don't need to book him.

Thoughts: Massive team heals and block debuffs. Mainly used him for the huge heals.

Possible substitutions: Flesh-Tearer

Gear / Stats:


Ursine Ironhide:

Books: I didn't put any books into him, you can skip them too!

Thoughts: He's here for AOE attack down, and single target turn meter reduction.

Possible substitutions: Any utility heroes you like. Longhorn, Grappler, Fleshmonger

Gear / Stats:

Masteries: I SKIPPED THEM!

That's right, I saved some resources and didn't bother putting his masteries in. If I had, I would build him for Warmaster in offense tree, and support tree to improve his ability to debuff.

Something like this would work. https://raidbro.com/masteries?v=v1&m=0subs000000o6cw


Books: My Brakus is maxed out. You'll want the A2, and A3 maxed, A4 helps as well just in case since he will be squishy, and you won't have a reviver.

Thoughts: Brakus was my big DPS dealer, especially on the boss.

Possible substitutions: Longhorn, Ripper, Basher

Gear / Stats:


Thanks for reading. I will be continuing to publish articles + video guides. The link to my Dark Elves guide is at the top. I'll have a Skin Walkers and High Elf guide coming soon.

Have a good one, and stay safe!

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