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Shallow Dive into NA-3 Top Data - 4/27/2020

Hey Gamers! I just wanted to provide some information I've pulled from NA-3 and hope you find it interesting or can relate it to how your server is doing and the trends you can see on yours.

So what does the data below represent how did I pull? Well every week I'll pull from the leaderboard the Top 100 players Power along with the Top 20 Guilds member count Power. Along with that for my guild I generally provide some information in regards how the guilds are moving and give shout outs for those that ranked in the top Power Gain for the week or members who have cracked into the Top 100. So what are some measures from NA-3? Average Power Gain of Concurrent Top 100 Players was 102,949. While this looks at the power gain for those that were in the Top 100 the prior week compared to this week when the data was pulled it can give individuals a gauge to how they are doing. If you wanted to gauge your progress if you can record your power at set intervals this above could give you a benchmark. What about the Top movers on NA-3?

1. Holoblade - EGG - 273k

2. Darkstile - 7DeadlySins - 227k 3. SlaughterLev - Draco - 218k

4. e4c6 - EGG - 216k 5. Archon-Noah Draco - 194k One of the most enjoyable call outs is players making into the Top 100. Of course that means some players may have fallen out... But, we don't talk about those :) So I'd like to again give shout outs to: leo1 out of Lazy Guild! WooWoo from Void Wolves! Qwyllim representing Draco! polopo also repping Draco! So now to the data you will find below the Top 100 players through some weekly data recordings. The image will loop through but you can pause it and select time periods if your so inclined.

That is not all that I have as mentioned I have been pulling some guild data as well. This data is a little different in that I pull the Top 20 Guilds in total power but, I review them based on Average Member Power.

I hope you enjoyed this little dive into some of the data I've pulled. I will place a link to the video which just restates the data here(no need to watch it) but, if you have any questions, comments and/or suggestions please leave a comment on that video and I can read/reply there.

Thanks, have a Good One!

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