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These are the heroes you should focus on if you are F2P! Here are the top 3!

Updated: May 5, 2020

Edit: See this post for the Top 5 F2P Units to focus on! https://www.skylynxgaming.com/post/these-are-the-heroes-you-should-focus-on-if-you-are-f2p-here-are-the-top-5

Hi everyone!

I am frequently asked, "Sky, I am a newer player, I am F2P or very low VIP, which heroes should I invest in?" Well, here....we....go! These suggestions apply to both newer, and older players alike!

#1. Rashka

The 2nd hero you are given for free from the campaign, directly after Catherine is Rashka. What makes Rashka so good? "His kit seem a little lackluster" you may say? Because Efreeti / Firelord is one of the BEST units in the game, and Rashka buffs him! Not only does Efreeti do GREAT DPS on his own, but he also buffs all of your inferno units with fire shield. (Which gets even stronger once Efreeti is awakened).

  • Fireshield Description

Flaming Shield (Blue) – At the beginning of battle Efreeti unit creates a <Fire Shield> for all friendly Inferno units that reflects 15% of damage taken over the next 25 secs (scale with skill level).

Red-hot (Purple) – Efreeti <Fire Shield> increases the unit’s damage reduction by 10% (scale with skill level) and magic resistance by 10 (scale with skill level)

Inferno is by the most F2P friendly faction in the game right now, while still remaining competitive.

  • Rashka's Bonus to Firelord

1 star – Efreeti are upgraded to Fire Lord. Damage dealt by Fire Storm increases by 30% and areas released increase to 2.

2 star – Attack of Efreeti and Fire Lord is increased by 30% (still effective with no Heroes on the battlefield).

3 star – Damage reflected by Fire Lord’s fire shield doubles and duration increases by 5 seconds.

4 star – When Fire Lord is on the field, fire resistance of all friendly units increases by 50%, and fire resistance for all enemy units decreases by 50%.

  • Your core line up of units should consist of.....

  1. Efreeti

  2. Gog

  3. Demon

  4. Pit Fiend

  • Other units that are potential add in's beside the core.

  1. Ogre

  2. Imp

  3. Fire Elemental (may require a small investment to initially acquire)

  4. Phoenix (requires a $1 minimum purchase, or you can unlock 100% F2P over time from Pantheon store)

  • Areas Rashka will excel

  1. PVP

  2. Dwarven Treasury

  3. Campaign Mode

#2 Gelu AKA Gelu God

For starters, Gelu is THE BEST PVE HERO IN THE GAME!

Gelu is one of the heroes that is given away for free during the initial login for the game after a week or so. His subsequent shards can also be acquired 100% free from the Duel of Champions area. So what makes Gelu so good? FRENZY!

Frenzy (Ultimate, Fire) – Sacrifices 30% HP of friendly units within a large range (doesn’t cause fatal damage), making their ATK speed increase by 500%, lasting 5 secs (scale with Spell level). Mana Cost: 37, CD time: 27 secs.

That means, you can make a decent-sized group, and in some cases, if utilizing melee, making all of your units have a MASSIVE DPS increase while frenzy is active, so much so that content that would normally require a strategy can just be burst down.

  • Your core line up of units should consist of.....

There isn't one! What does that mean? Well, Gelu does make Marksmen and Sharpshooters stronger, but they aren't required! One of the best things about Gelu is you can run him with ANY lineup. Put in your best DPS characters and go to town!

Area's Gelu will excel

  • Dragon Invasion

  • Conflux Plane

  • Steadwick

  • Crypt

  • Trial of Angels

  • Dragon Utopia

#3 Yog

Yog is only obtainable once your guild hits level 9 for 500 guild tokens in the guild store.

Yog is sort of a hybrid here, he is good at PVP and in certain PVE areas. (he is a cheat code in certain stages of ToA, the ones with healing tents, his ult instant kills units that are healed from it).

What makes Yog so powerful is both his ultimate, and his buff to Cyclops.

  • Firstly, his ult is

Energy Reverse (Ultimate, Water) – Spell damage taken by all friendly units from heroes now heals them instead, and spell recovery from heroes that heals enemy units now deals damage instead (scale with Spell level). Lasts for 8 secs. Mana Cost: 57, CD time: 39 secs.

  • And here is how he buffs Cyclops

1 star – Cyclops become rampage, increasing its Attack Speed by 30% and its Critical Hit by 300.

2 star – When Raging Cyclops is on the battlefield, all friendly Ranged units gain 20% increased Magic resistance, 10% Attack Speed, and 20% CRIT DMG.

3 star – Effectiveness of Cyclopses’ Earthshaker skill improves and the chance of use is increased (still effective with no Heroes on the battlefield).

4 star – Whenever Raging Cyclops are healed, they unleash Earthshaker and the skill’s range is extended to the entire field.(this is an AOE stun, and it triggers ONCE per match).

  • Your core lineup should consist of....

  1. Cyclops

  2. Ogre

  3. Roc

While Cyclops is the only 100% required unit on this squad, you will want to utilize other powerful Stronghold units to maximize the use of your roster bonuses. If you are not too sure how to utilize your roster bonuses, see my video on how to do it!

  • Other units that are potential add in's beside the core.

Honestly, just use your standalone best units here! A good example would be to run with a hybrid of the inferno. See my video below of this squad with Yog taking out the top meta teams!

Honorable Mention Solymr

So you may be asking your selves, why would I not recommend Solymr in the top 3? Well, he honestly is not as good as Rashka in PVP now with Rashka now having Awakened Efreeti and Gog. Yog is flat out better in PVP. He is not as good at PVE as Gelu, so Solymr really doesn't fit in anywhere at the moment. Is he good? He is OK since his nerf Solymr is in a weird state of just being an OK hero at the moment. You can still take out some ToA stages using him, but besides that, he is not seeing much use these days. Besides that, all of the above heroes Unit Shards can be acquired 100% F2P as well as the initial hero. Solymr can be acquired for free, however, you will need to use universal shards to level him up, and in his current state, I would consider that a waste.

  • New Edition

I had a few people question if Rashka could actually beat Solymr 1 on 1 in PVP. So I did some testing. Below you will see a mirror comp. I used the same units used for a 2 Star almost 0 effort put into Rashka. No masteries, and no spell leveled over 5, vs a fully optimized Solymr with max spells, including his mark unlocked, and masteries.

2 Star Trash Rashka wins due to Firelord being amazing! If I would have had a leveld up Rashka, with optimized masteries (especially the caster mastery) this would have been lopsided.

So there you go everyone, the Top 3 Free to Play Heroes to focus on. What are your thoughts, do you find this accurate? Let me know in my discord! ( link to my discord at the top of the page, or if you are on mobile, at the bottom)

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