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These are the units you should focus on if you are F2P! Here are the top 5!

Hey everyone!

I couldn't possibly do a top 3 F2P heroes article, without top units one could I? If you missed that one, you can find it here. https://www.skylynxgaming.com/post/these-are-the-heroes-you-should-focus-on-if-you-are-f2p-here-are-the-top-3.

If you are looking for suggested heroes to use with any of the units, that section is readily available in my tier list! ( An update for May will be coming soon! ) https://www.skylynxgaming.com/mmheoc-tier-list

So here we are, my top 5 F2P units to focus on!

#1 Efreeti

If you read my last article (linked above) it should have been quite easy to guess this guy was coming in at number 1. He is easily obtainable in multiple areas! The easiest being the Campaign store, in which for 1,000 campaign tokens, you can acquire 5 shards. Another lesser-known area, which everyone should do every day is the archery game found in the guild area, in which his shards drop from the gold chests.

What makes Efreeti stand out is his high DPS AOE, particularly when awakened, and his great synergy with other inferno units with his fire shield. Finally, the best thing about him, is he is not pigeon-holed into being used with only one hero (even though he is a beast with Rashka). You can throw Efreeti into multiple lineups, including Yog teams, and succeed. The Inferno (Core 3 Units) that are mobile with Efreeti are going to also be Demon and Pitfiend. Efreeti is viable from the earliest points of the game, all the way up to end game (especially with his new awakening) and should be one of the units you want to target right away if a F2P player.

Efreeti Skills

  1. Firestorm (Ultimate) – Efreeti cast Firestorm on a target area, which will deal a very high amount of damage (scale with skill level) to all enemy troops within the area, and cause burning for 15 secs.

  2. Flaming Shield (Blue) – At the beginning of battle Efreeti unit creates a <Fire Shield> for all friendly Inferno units that reflects 15% of damage taken over the next 25 secs (scale with skill level).

  3. Red-hot (Purple) – Efreeti <Fire Shield> increases the unit’s damage reduction by 10% (scale with skill level) and magic resistance by 10 (scale with skill level).

  4. God of Fire (Orange) – Efreeti HP is increased by 15% (scale with skill level), the unit’s damage reduction is increased by 5% (scale with skill level).

#2 Cyclops

This big lug is much more versatile than you think! Of course, you will see him featured in every Yog team (which is one of the BEST F2P Heroes) but Cyclops is viable in SEVERAL teams, namely Kilgore due to Stronghold synergy, Rashka or Luna due to AOE burning, or really any hero where you have a lineup that looks to bait opposing charging units. The interesting thing about Cyclops is he is just as much, or more of a tank than he is an actual DPS unit. Cyclops will start out a little weaker in the early game, and become much stronger as his gear is upgraded, Yog is unlocked, and you move into the later game.

You can acquire Cyclops on the guild map area by collecting the shards from these special "Creature Dwellings" in the guild area. Also, just like Efreeti above his shards are in the archery game guild area (gold chest).

Cyclops Skills

  1. Flamestone (Ultimate) – Cyclops throws fire-stones within a large range in front of it, <burning> the hostile units there and causing 617 damage (scale with skill level) every 2 secs for 8 secs.

  2. Siege Strike (Blue) – Cyclops increase 3% unit’s damage (scale with skill level) and 3% Attack Speed (scale with skill level), when HP lower than 35%, Cyclops can get the double effect (Health is restored will keep the effect). When the Cyclops is fighting against the 9-man unit, its normal attack deals 40% AoE damage to 3 hostile units.

  3. Earthshaker (Purple) – The Cyclops has a chance to deal 617 damage (scale with skill level) against hostile units within a large range, and “stuns” them for 3secs when under attack.

  4. Giant (Orange) – Cyclops’ HP is increased by 20% (scale with skill level). When facing a 9-man unit, the unit’s damage is decreased by 15% Cyclops is a 1-Man Ranged unit with average ATK who can Burn enemies and Stuns them.

#3 Demon

Many people will still swear this is the best tank in the game. I may even agree in some situations, Demon is VERY VERY good, especially when paired with Efreeti's fire shield, or our #4 ranked unit or an honorable mention unit! One of the Inferno core 3 with Efreeti, and Pitfiend, the demon has exceptionally high DPS for a tank, high dodge, and amazing innate healing built-in for every dodge. I have had Demon single handily tank entire rush lanes before on his own, simply a versatile beast who can fit in multiple teams!

Demon is one of the units given away for free as a login reward during the first week of gameplay. He is always acquired for completing Ch9 of the world quests area, in Underground stage 9-5, Underground stage 13-1, and just like Efreeti and Cyclops, available in the archery game chests (silver).

Demon Skills

  1. Scalding Strike (Ultimate) – Demon units randomly deal 6313 DMG (scale with skill level) to 1 hostile unit within a large range and increase their own dodge by 300 for 12 secs.

  2. Burns (Blue) – The Demon restores 5% (scale with skill level) of its Max HP for every dodge.

  3. Inferno Minion (Purple) – Demon’s HP is increased by 15% (scale with skill level). Healing is increased by 30%.

  4. Fire Unit (Orange) – Demon’s dodge is increased by 100 (scale with skill level). Demon’s dodge will be increased by 40 for every Inferno unit deployed.

#4 Ogre

Ogre may look like a cross between a World of Warcraft Orc, Homer Simpon, and Shrek, but he is also one of the best and most versatile tanks in the game! Ogre can plug into literally any team that needs a little extra boost in healing, by boosting the healing of all sources for your team. (especially great when paired with a hero with the healing boost mastery). He also does us a favor when he gets low on HP% by buffing the attack of everyone. Finally, he does an AOE pool on the ground, which grants all units attacking in it life steal!

Like Demon, Ogre is one of the login reward choices for the first week. If you are a new player and looking to go inferno, skip on Ogre for now and go Demon, as Ogre really starts to shine in the mid to late game, and is lackluster early game. He is also available as the Chapter 11 world quest reward, Underground 8-5, Underground 13-5, and in the guild archery event (silver chest).

Ogre Skills

  1. Blood Pool (Ultimate) – The Ogre unit summons a blood pond to improve life drain for friendly units within a large area by 35% (scale with skill level). The blood pond exists for 15 secs.

  2. Skin of the Sorceror (Blue) – Ogre’s DEF is increased by 150 (scale with skill level), HP regeneration is increased by 1500 (scale with skill level), and the unit’s damage is increased by 3% (scale with skill level).

  3. Rampage (Purple) – When the Ogre unit’s HP is lower than 35%, all friendly units’ ATK will be increased by 10% (scale with skill level) throughout the entire battle.

  4. Cure Poison (Orange) – When an Ogre is on the battlefield, healing of all friendly units is increased by 15%

#5 Pitfiend

Our nearly NSFW Pitfiend comes in at the #5 spot on the list, rounding out the Inferno core 3 units. Armed with ample...demons that she can summon, Pitfiend becomes a hybrid attacker, healer, and tank all rolled into one. If you decide to try to use her as a tank though, DO NOT place her as the very front unit in a lineup, or she will be focused her self, and not her demon spawns. A good idea is either place her behind a tank, or back one place in a lane and have the Skeletons from the artifact Cloak of the Undead King spawn in front of her, that way they will be focused, and then her pets. Not only can she heal her spawned Demons, but her AOE healing will be quite beneficial for any other melee units that may be close by her as well.

Pitfiend is one of the tougher units to acquire as you do not unlock her underground stage until 10-5. Luckily since she is an SR unit, you might get lucky and acquire her from doing your F2P gold key summoning. Also, like every unit on this list previously, she is available in the guild archery game area as well (gold chest).

Pitfiend Skills

  1. Firespring (Ultimate) – Pit Fiend units cast 1 Fire Spring in their path, restoring HP equal to 5.2% (scale with skill level) of Max HP of friendly units in a large area in front of them every 2 secs for 8 secs.

  2. Lord’s Summon (Blue) – When a Pit Fiend unit is on the battlefield, it summons 4 Demons to fight. Demons have ATK and HP that scale with level, 700 DEF, and 500 Crit Hit value, and exists throughout the entire battle.

  3. Heat (Purple) – Pit Fiend’s <Fire Spring> increases healing by 50% (scale with skill level). <Fire Spring>’s healing will be increased by 5% for every 1 Inferno unit deployed.

  4. Lord’s Will (Orange) – When Pit Fiends go into battle, your SUMMONED imps’, horned demons’ and fire elementals’ health and attack are both increased by 15% (scale with skill level).

Honorable Mentions



So there you go guys, what do you think? Do you agree, disagree? Did I leave some one off you feel should have been added? Let me know on my discord! (Link at the top right on PC, Bottom for Mobile)

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