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Time to Master the Masteries!

Hey Gamers, Ok that title is bad, real bad, but lets at least take a look at the Hero Masteries what they are and some things to look be mindful of. The masteries come in three variants Basic(Green), Advanced(Blue), and Expert(Purple). As with anything the the Expert providing the best benefit will be rarer and should be the ones you strive to obtain. I view the masteries in 4 distinct blocks and we will go into more detail on each of those:

  • School Spell Cooldown

  • Unit Type Buffs

  • General Buffs

  • Hero Stat Increases

School Spell Cooldown

These masteries are generally a high priority for your active heroes and each of them should have one of the below Expert Masteries. While there may be cases where a hero could use two of these you will generally want the one that benefits the ult the most. Getting a 15% cooldown reduction on your most powerful spell can make a big difference and is generally one of the first masteries I try to lock in. For the low VIP or no VIP one of these is generally the priority.

Unit Type Buffs

The next set I want to go over is the Unit Type Buffs these will be good if you are running a specific style of list with a Hero. For instance in most cases Gelu lists will be focusing on the ranged units and caster so rocking the above Expert Fire Magic with Expert Archery and Expert Sorcery can prove very effective. In general Sorcery, Scouting, and Tactics tend to provide the best bang for your slot. If you are running 3-4 of specific unit type then it may beneficial to use one of your four masteries on that unit type from the below list.

Now lets discuss Expert Pathfinding as this one leads to a lot of confusion. The increase moving speed doesn't help on the guild map it only adds the speed the unit moves in battle. The Cavalry unit type does have a direct mastery bonus like the other unit types, in order for Cavalry to get the any bonus the Pathfinding trait must be activated along with Sir Mullich 3rd star ability which will turn that increased moving speed into an increase in attack.

So as we can say we should probably avoid using Expert Pathfinding.

General Buffs

Now lets talk about some important masteries that most heroes will pull 1 or 2 from the below list. Expert Wisdom is a really good mastery while a little misleading it is still very good. This mastery will increase the hero's spells by X levels that it is equipped on. The misleading part is that it says All heroes' spell levels, which is implying that all of your heroes will have there spells increases which is incorrect. Nevertheless it is still a fantastic skill to get at Expert level.

Expert First Aid will have a few more niche cases where it is used but can be very effective skill for those heroes and formations that can utilize. Heroes like Ryland and Kilgore can make great benefit from it with there built in healing potential. Along with a hero like Astral which could get an additional benefit from Genie's Magical Awakening or any formation that is taken advantage of multiple healing options.(Monk, Ogre, Genie, Vampire, Deamon, Pit Fiend, Angel, Healing Tent, etc.)

Expert Mysticism is another great mastery for some heroes that and really help get the most out of there spell kit. This could be beneficial for heroes that need to spam alot of spells or have very expensive spells so become limited due to the mana required to cast those spells. While a hero like Gelu would not need it since he is able to cast through his spells with excess magic left over. This can also vary depending on what spell mark you have added to your hero so keep an eye on that mana and you may find this one useful.

Now lets talk about Expert Resistance probably the most recommended mastery across the heroes. Is it worth it? Well no not from my testing and testing others have done as well. While on the surface it sounds amazing "Magic resistance of all units increases by 12%". Unfortunately the reality of it, is that it does add 12% to the magic resistance instead it is 12% increase of the current units magic resistance.

Where you have 1-man and 4-man units with ~3% magic resistance the mastery above would just increase that 3% by 12% or roughly. For a magic resistance of the unit of 3.24%. While nine man units fair a little better the Orcs below would only enjoy an approximately 2% increase.

If you want to see some more details on and while not completely in depth it does a provide some details showing the impact resistance mastery can have below is a video of it.

Hero Stat Increases

Alright lets talk about another super important group and one not to be forgotten about or discarded. The Hero Stat Increase masteries, these bad boys should be your most used masteries. Above we had talked about your Active heroes what does that mean you ask? Well those would be the ones that you use for PVP or some PVE content but many of the heroes you unlock just sit there collecting the proverbial dust on your hero wheel. That is were these masteries should be employed, just having these locked on those heroes will increase your global hero stats. This can provide a large boost to your power if these are used on all your inactive heroes. As with all other masteries you will want to shoot for that expert level bonus.

VIP and Rolling Masteries Well we have gone over the masteries but how do you get them and how the heck are people getting so many Expert Masteries on one Hero. This brings up the unfortunate topic of VIP levels and being able to lock a skill obtain so you can re-roll the others with out changing that sweet purple you have obtained.

At VIP 2 you will get the ability to lock a single Mastery on the refresh.

At VIP 6 you will unlock the ability to lock up to two Masteries on the refresh.

Finally at VIP 9 you can lock 3 of the Masteries making it easier to get that final one.

While this means that it is easier to fine tune your hero masteries at higher VIP the cost does go up for each mastery locked when you do your refresh as seen below.

No Lock

10 Diamonds

10,000 Gold

Single Lock

20 Diamonds

15,000 Gold

Double Lock

40 Diamonds 20,000 Gold

Triple Lock 80 Diamonds

30,000 Gold

Ancient Temple Scroll

1 scroll regardless of locks

Hopefully you found this guide helpful. I'd like to your thoughts on masteries in particular what masteries you like and on what heroes. Let us know on facebook, reddit, and discord your setups. It might just help the next player!

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