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Unit Formation Set up & Optimization

Hey guys,

I often get asked by many of you "where should I place my units", and "does this look right, I don't know why I am not winning".....SO LETS GO OVER SOME SETUPS! Keep in mind, these are not ALL possible setups, but the basics and theory behind them.

  • 4 Tanks in the front. (Early game)

This may be an optimal setup early game before you have access to artifacts such as the Cloak of the Undead King, and Dragon Father ( more on that in a little bit ).

The purpose of running 4 tanks will be to keep your backline protected from both charge units, and attackers simply walking to your backline and killing your damage dealers quickly. Furthermore, running 4 tanks will give your hero time to cast damaging spells on your opponents.

In the example below, the Rashka based team will be at a significant disadvantage due to the necro charging units (Vampire and Death Knight able to have free access to the opponents' backline.

  • The Bait lane (Featuring Cyclops in Yog / Kilgore teams)

You will see this two-lane strategy used quite effectively in Yog and Kilgore teams (especially effective with Kilgore). The reason this strategy works is Cyclops himself is a very effective tank. Not only can he tank the units after they charge to him, but he can also stun them frequently while doing damage. Since Yog and Kilgore teams will typically utilize behemoth, and do quite a bit of healing, your front line, as well Cyclops tanking in the back should be able to outlive most attacks!

  • The Bait Lane 2.0, Charge and Bait (or no bait)

Multiple unit combinations can be used here, but the basics are to load up entirely one lane, and smash your away in! This particularly works well early game if you are a whale and using Lord Haart. You will want to Utilize Wight in the backline to silence the lane you are rushing into, as well as allow her to sit in the backline so she may be killed later for the additional silence. Cavalier is here to stun the initial front line of your opponent so your chargers can kill them before taking damage. Phoenix is a 2nd bait on the bottom. The reason for this is, if they go for Phoenix before Wight, they will kill it, she will rebirth while the team that killed it moves to Weight. Phoenix will revive and begin freely attacking, all the while your chargers were able to wreak havoc! You could also potentially load up 2 full lanes of attacking and charging and forget about the baiting, more so in the early game when you have the ability to overwhelm opponents with Lord Haart and your superior whale powers.

Utilizing your artifacts

  • Cloak of the Undead King

Another popular trick is utilizing the Cloak of the Undead King to spawn skeletons in front of units to take the first hits, giving the units behind, in this case, Pitfiend or Vampire time to establish themselves, and not be the immediate target. The summoned skeletons will ALWAYS spawn in an open lane. Due make sure it spawns in the lane you want them to spawn in, leave 3 tanks in the front of the other lanes. For Pitfiend in particular, this is a useful trick as if she is on the front line, she will be targeted before she is able to summon her Demon tanks, and die right away. By allowing the Skeletons to take the 1st hit, she will be able to summon her tanks, have them tank and effectively heal and dish out damage from behind.

In this example below, Vampire will be acting as a tank, but allowing the summoned skeletons to take the initial few hits and potential hard-hitting abilities, or stuns from units is a good idea!

  • Dragon Father Artifact

The Dragon Father artifact is CURRENTLY the best artifact in the game and one of the biggest boosts to your PVP / PVE capability when unlocked. Not only does the summoned dragon do great damage, but he will likely be one of, if not the tankiest member of your team. So how do we abuse this? Well, the Dragon ALWAYS spawns in the same lane! See the screenshot below showing the lane he will land in. (In this case, the Skeletons will spawn first in the lane, and the Dragon will fly in right behind them).

Knowing that the Dragon will spawn in this lane, typically you can do things like have a lighter defense in this lane, OR if you are using Solymr only (he instantly summons the dragon at the start of the battle due to his passive, he is the ONLY hero he will do this) you can potentially use the Dragon as the only tank here. Furthermore, you can do a similar trick in the Battle of the Gods and the middle lane with Solymr only.

  • Conclusion

So what do you think everyone, are you utilizing a similar setup? Did you use one in the past to help you advance in the game? Keep in mind, these are just some examples, not all possibilities! Let me know your thoughts on Facebook, Reddit, in the comment section here, or in my discord! I read every comment!

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