Release Date: 

How To Obtain:  Underground Ch. 6-9.  World Chapter 8 completion.  Duel of Champions store.

Faction: Inferno

Preferred Element: Fire

Recruitment Bonus :

   +8 Hero Attack

   +10 Hero Intelligence

Passive Speciality:  T Attack of Efreeti and Fire Lord is increased by 30%.

Skin(s) : 2


Efreeti are upgraded to Fire Lord. Damage dealt by Fire Storm increases by 30% and areas released increase to 2.


Attack of Efreeti and Fire Lord is increased by 30% (still effective with no Heroes on battlefield).

Damage reflected by Fire Lord’s fire shield doubles and duration increases by 5 seconds.

 When Fire Lord is on the field, fire resistance of all friendly units increases by 50% and fire resistance for all enemy units decreases by 50%.


Inferno Flame l(Ultimate)

Mana Cost: 35
Time to Recharge: 30 seconds

 Summons an Inferno Fissure, dealing 216 (+ Intelligence Bonus) fire spell damage on enemy units around the fissure every 0.5 secs lasting for 10 secs. The damage is halved for Inferno units (scale with Spell level)

Fire Arrow


Mana Cost: 18
Time to Recharge: 15 

 Deals 1467 (+ Intelligence Bonus) fire spell damage to enemy units within a certain range and burns them, lasting 5 secs (scale with Spell level).



Mana Cost: 30
Time to Recharge: 24 seconds

Decreases targeted enemy units’ ATK by 50% for 8 secs (scale with Spell level)

Blood Lust


Mana Cost: 18
Time to Recharge: 20 seconds

Increase ATK by 50% and Life Drain by 30% for friendly units within a large range, lasting 8.3 secs (scale with Spell level)

Recommended Masteries


Fire Magic

Additional Info



Rashka is a great F2P hero that you obtain early game and scales well from mid into late game.  If you are F2P, you definitely want to work on this guy and his supporting cast!

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