Release Date: 

How To Obtain:  Guild Store

Faction: Stronghold

Preferred Element: Air

Recruitment Bonus :

   +12 Hero Defense

   +6 Hero Knowledge

Passive Speciality:  The <Hurricane Barrier> of Roc (Stormbringer) can reduce Magic Resistance of all enemy units by 20%.

Skin(s) : 1


Roc upgrades to Stormbringer, increasing Crit Hit by 15%.


 When Stormbringer <Thunder> hits an enemy unit, it has 25% chance to stun the target for 3 secs.

The <Hurricane Barrier> of Roc (Stormbringer) can reduce Magic Resistance of all enemy units by 20% (still effective with no Heroes on battlefield).

Thunderbirds’ hurricane barrier lowers hit rate and also reduces spell damage dealt by all enemy heroes by 20%.


Storm (Ultimate)

Mana Cost: 50
Time to Recharge: 25 seconds

Summons a storm in the target area dealing 233 (+ Intelligence Bonus) air spell damage to all units in a certain area every 0.5 secs and reducing their TAK speed by 15%, lasting 10 secs (scale with Spell level)

Fire Arrow


Mana Cost: 20
Time to Recharge: 15 

Deals 1467 (+ Intelligence Bonus) fire spell damage to enemy units within a certain range and burns them, lasting 5 secs (scale with Spell level

Air Shield


Mana Cost: 25
Time to Recharge: 18 seconds

 Increases the dodge of friendly units within a certain range by 30% and grants them immunity to air spell damage, lasting 8 secs (scale with Spell level).

Air Elemental


Mana Cost: 40
Time to Recharge: 35 seconds

Summon 9 Air Elementals of Lvl.1 in the target. Air Elementals will remain for 20 secs and attack from distance with an ATK of 220 and HP of 3900 (scale with Spell level). 

Recommended Masteries


Air Magic



Additional Info

Shiva is a hero that is only worth investing into if you are looking to power up your Roc.  Do not invest any resources more than necessary into her, she has no place in both PVP or PVE.

No Lore quests yet!

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