Release Date: N/A

How To Obtain: Guild Store for 500 Currency.  

Faction: Tower

Preferred Element: Air

Recruitment Bonus :

   +12 Hero Attack

   +18 Hero Intelligence

Passive Speciality: CD for all air heroes’ spells decreases by 15%

Skin(s) : 3


<Chain Lightning> can bounce 2 more times and the damage doesn’t decrease; all of Solmyr’s spells don’t have an initial CD

The air spells cast by Solmyr get an Electrostatic Field. The spell damage taken by targets covered with Electrostatic Field is increased by 50%. For 6 secs, the target will take additional static damage equal to 15% of their Max HP. The damage can be stacked.

CD for all air heroes’ spells decreases by 15% (still effective with no Heroes on battlefield).

 <Chain Lightning> deals additional damage to enemy units equal to 30% of their Max HP.


Chain Lightning (Ultimate)
Mana Cost: 56
Time to Recharge: 20 seconds

Fires 1 bolt of lightning which jumps 5 times across different enemy units. Each jump deals {4453+2415/lvl} air spell damage.

Air Arrow
Mana Cost: 18
Time to Recharge : 12 

Deals {951+516/lvl) air spell damage on enemy units within a certain range and decreases the target's accuracy by 30%, lasting for 8s.

Lightning Bolt

Mana Cost: 39
Time to Recharge: 24 seconds

Deal {1713+929/lvl} air spell damage to all enemy units in the AOE.

Wind Wall

Mana Cost: 30
Time to Recharge : 24 seconds

Summon 1 Wall of Wind which increases dodge by {20%+1%/lvl} and movement speed by 20 for all friendly units which pass through it, lasting for 10s.

Recommended Masteries


Air Magic



Additional Info

Solmyr is teetering on being a "Meta" hero currently as the developers have had a tough time balancing him.  He is generally considered to be the most powerful F2P acquired hero currently, and is useful in all game modes.  

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