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Superalloy Blackluster

Character Info

Rarity: Mythical

Type: Physical

Primary Role: Healer

Characteristic: Fearless

Health: 223K

Attack: 35124

Defense: 27253

Secondary Role: Tank

Character Skills

Superalloy Heavy Punch (Lv.5)

Attacks the confronting enemy to cause 100% Attack Damage.


Lv.2: After Normal Skill, the allied character with the lowest HP will recover HP equal to 50% of Superalloy Blackluster's Attack.

Lv3: The weaker the target, the greater the recovery effects.  Increase recovery effect up to 75%.  

Lv.4: Skill damage increases to 100%

Lv.5: Recovery effect increases to 75% of Superalloy Blackluster's attack.

Superalloy Hand Blade (Lv.3)

Normal Skill definetely causes Drive-back, and there is a 50% chance to chase and hit a Driven-back enemy, dealing 100% Attack Damage.

Lv.2: Damage Receved by Superalloy BLackluster decreases by 10%.  Lasts 1 round(s).

Lv3: Skill damage increases to 120%  

Stand Behind Me (Lv.3)

Adds a shield equal to 150% of Superalloy Blackluster's Attack to allies.


Lv.2: For the next 2 rounds, all allies will recover HP equal to 50% of Superalloy Blackluster's Attack per round

Lv3: The skill's shield HP increases to 180% of Superalloy Blackluster's attack.

Body of Steel


At the beginning of combat, damage received by Superalloy Blackluster is reduced by 20%.  Last 1 round (s).  

Lv.2: During this period, when Superalloy Blackluster is attacked, his Rage recovered increases by 100%.

Lv3: Damage reduction rate increase to 30%.


Superalloy Blackluster is not only a strong healer / damage mitigator with his ultimate but a half-decent tank as well.  Useful in all game modes.  (Further evaluation to come).

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