Release Date: 

How To Obtain:  Guild Store

Faction: Stronghold

Preferred Element: Earth

Recruitment Bonus :

   +20 Hero Attack

   +10 Hero Defense

Passive Speciality:  Effectiveness of Cyclopses’ Earthshaker skill improves and the chance of use is increased.

Skin(s) : 2


Energy Reverse (Ultimate)

Mana Cost: 57
Time to Recharge: 39 seconds

Spell damage taken by all friendly units from heroes now heals them instead, and spell recovery from heroes that heals enemy units now deals damage instead (scale with Spell level)

Quick Sand


Mana Cost: 20
Time to Recharge: 13 seconds

Summons Quicksand at a specific location and deals damage to all units equal to 2% of their Max HP (double damage for enemy units every second. Reduces enemy units’ damage reduction by 10% for 8 secs (scale with Spell level)


 Cyclops becomes rampage, increasing its Attack Speed by 30% and its Critical Hit by 300.


When Raging Cyclops is on the battlefield, all friendly Ranged units gain 20% increased Magic resistance, 10% Attack Speed, and 20% CRIT DMG.

Effectiveness of Cyclopses’ Earthshaker skill improves and the chance of use is increased (still effective with no Heroes on the battlefield).

Whenever Raging Cyclops are healed, they unleash Earthshaker and the skill’s range is extended to the entire field once per battle.

Fire Arrow


Mana Cost: 20
Time to Recharge: 15 

Deals 1467 (+ Intelligence Bonus) fire spell damage to enemy units within a certain range and burns them, lasting 5 secs (scale with Spell level



Mana Cost: 20
Time to Recharge: 13 seconds

Grants friendly units within a large range 100% Crit Hit and accuracy, lasting for 5 secs (scale with Spell level)

Recommended Masteries


Water Magic

Additional Info



Yog is currently the best F2P hero in the entire game.   You will, with the right setup and all things being equal, be able to compete with the current top dogs in the arena, and Battle of Gods.  Yog also has a nice little niche in a few ToA stages where his ult will 1 shot units due to the healing they receive.  

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